Restoration of migratory waterbird habitats - Togo

April 2017, Togo

Wetland and Waterbird Surveys & Training


Relaunching the process for World Heritage nomination of the Bolama-Bijagós Archipelago

February 2017, Guinea-Bissau

Building capacities of local associations in the Atlantic Moroccan Sahara in waterbird identification and monitoring

January 2017, Morocco
Khnifiss Lagoon and Dakhla Bay are of great importance for migratory waterbirds, the promotion of ecotourism and environmental education, and the monitoring of wildlife.

14th Pan-African Ornithological Congress

15-21 October 2016, Dakar-Senegal

The conservation of the fauna of the integral reserve of Ilhéu dos Pássaros

July 2016, Angola

Local Community Action for Wetlands and Waterbirds Sakumo Ramsar Site - Ghana

February - May 2016. Ghana.

Training: Organic Gardening in Agbodankope, Togo

The coastal wetlands in Togo constitute a source of great economic, cultural, and scientific value besides their ecological functions as a habitat for the flora and fauna in the area. In efforts to counteract the degradation of this important site and hence protect the habitat for waterbirds, training workshops were held to help build farmers' capacity in organic market gardening in the framework of the sustainable management of biodiversity and to raise awareness of the importance of the protection and conservation of migratory birds.

Training Tour Guides for bird tourism promotion in Sierra Leone’s coastal zone

March, 2016

Angolan participation in bird counting in Walvis Bay

February 2016 Namibia

Integrated monitoring of coastal waterbird populations along the East Atlantic Flyway


The Future of the Wadden Sea Flyway Initiative Part 2


Enhancing Conservation and Sustainable Management

November 2014, Keta Lagoon, Ghana

Participatory awareness for the conservation of migratory birds in Songor Ramsar and Biosphere Reserve

November 2014, Ghana, Songor Reserve