Visit to Lekki Wetland Center, Nigeria by NCF

Information exchange on management of wetland visitor centres

East Atlantic Flyway, 2023

Flyway conservation requires the collaboration between a multitude of stakeholders from different sites, countries and even continents. While coordinating conservation efforts at a flyway level can sometimes be challenging, these global collaborations also provide advantages such as the opportunity to learn from each other. As many wetland sites face similar human pressures, information on effective (but also ineffective) conservation actions can help to set priorities and to make the most of available funds.

In 2023, the Wadden Sea Flyway Initiative supported Constantino Madaleno Satumbo (ADAMA, Angola), Emmanuel Taye (GCRC, Ghana) and Bose Kosemani (NCF, Nigeria) to participate in international exchanges on the effective management of wetland visitor centres and to gather ideas for wetlands and migratory bird education initiatives. Constantino visited the Lekki Wetland Centre in Nigeria (see report) and Emmanuel and Bose visited EVOA (Espaço de Visitação e Observação de Aves) in Portugal, where the annual MBP meeting was taking place.


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