Consultation_Densu Wetland Centre by Emmanuel Taye

Densu Delta Ramsar Wetland Educational Centre - Fesibility study and stakeholder engagement

Ghana, 2023

The Densu Delta Wetland is a vital ecosystem located in the urban settlement of Accra, the capital of Ghana. The wetland is known for its rich biodiversity and is one of five coastal wetlands in Ghana that has been designated as Ramsar sites based on its ability to support significant numbers of waterbirds. This wetland plays a crucial role in maintaining the ecological balance in the region, providing habitat for numerous species, and offering a range of ecosystem services. A Wetland Education Centre at the Densu Delta Wetland could play a key role in raising awareness for the importance of this key ecosystem among local communities, businesses, but also policy makers. It could be used to promote conservation, education, and sustainable use of this unique natural resource, especially in the face of increasing degradation resulting from settlements and industrial development as well as land reclamation activities.

Researcher from the Centre for Biodiversity Conservation Research are in the process of conducting a feasibility study to define the scale and scope of such a wetland centre. With financial support from the Wadden Sea Flyway Initiative, they conducted consultation with local stakeholders to better understand their perspective on and expectation of a wetland centre in the Densu Delta Wetland. The aim was to determine the potential buy-in by the stakeholders and other interest groups, particularly the communities, their leaders, and government institutions. The activities undertaken included familiarization visits and school outreach.

The following report provides information of meetings with relevant stakeholders to solicit their views and opinions on the wetland centre.


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