WMBD celebration in Sierra Leone by SLNGA

Celebration of World Migratory Bird Day at Tissana point, Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone, 2022

The Sierra Leone Nature Guides Association (SLNGA) celebrated World Migratory Bird Day in October 2022 by organising a birdwatching trip to Tissana point along the Youri Bay coastal reserve area. The aim of this initiative was to strengthen a new network of committed Nature tour guides, birdwatching lovers and nature clubs who were keen to share their passion with the locals, especially the young people.
The project was a great awareness campaign and brought nature tour guides and local communities together to celebrate migratory birds at one of Sierra Leone’s key coastal sites. The project also demonstrated the importance to SLNGA of engaging local communities and playing an active role in community-based conservation. Tour guides operating in the coastal area depend on a healthy environment and working closely with local communities is therefore vital.


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