Flock of migratory birds on the shore. Hans Schekkerman.

Simultaneous January 2023 waterbird and wetland census along the East Atlantic Flyway: National Reports


In 2023, the fourth simultaneous waterbird count along the East Atlantic Flyway (EAF) engaged over 13,000 observers from 36 countries. The EAF census national reports provide an overview of the countries involved in the counts.

Recommended citation: Agblonon G., Diallo A. Y., Gueye K., Citegetse G., Crowe O., Langendoen T. & van Roomen M. (eds.) 2023. Simultaneous January 2023 waterbird census along the East Atlantic Flyway: National Reports. Wadden Sea Flyway Initiative p/a Common Wadden Sea Secretariat, Wilhelmshaven, Germany, Wetlands International, Wageningen, The Netherlands, BirdLife International, Cambridge, United Kingdom.

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